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[05 Apr 2007|02:51pm]
Okay. The Wizard of Oz happy meal dolls (the girl toys) are really cute. Their eyes close and open. I mean, they're still cheap little McDonald's toys, but relatively nice cheap McDonald's toys, in my humble and unexperienced opinion.

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Xenadrine and its ephedrine [29 Jan 2007|09:53am]
I just thought this was pretty... funny.


This forum is just an archive now. The original website was http://keloid-scars.tripod.com/ and it's migrated to http://www.keloid-scars.com/, which is where the active forum is now. It's really orange.

if i may veer off from the topic a bit, yep i had a heart problem too less than two years ago. since you're a cardio ultrasonographer, you might know this, i was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope, cardioinhibitory type.. meaning if i was standing for too long my heart would totally stop. i was interning at one of the leading hospitals in my country, and they thought my case was so odd (i was the youngest to test positive on a tilt-table test, i went from 50+ bpm to a total flatline on the 27th minute)... my case was presented in their monthly conference; and ALL the consultants recommended i get a pacemaker ASAP. well i was nearly going to, but thought i should go conservative 1st, and it turned out my problem was due to all the Xenadrine (ephedrine based) i had been taking.... so after i stopped the pills all the symptoms went away! i almost had a permanent pacemaker implanted at the age of 25! :P that was no cheap pacemaker either! :-o
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[09 Jan 2007|11:46am]

The British are really wordy (like me). Anyway, the middle two paragraphs hold the gist of the it. Basically you don't actually need to drink 6 - 8 cups of water a day. You need about that much including water in food, so you're actually needing to drink (guessing) 3 to 5, depending on what and how much you eat, and how much you exercise. I had read about this 6, 7 years ago after hearing about it on the radio, but I'm pretty sure I had read it a little wrong (superficially). It doesn't hurt to have a little extra water, though.

Daily water requirements

The normal daily turnover of water is approximately 4% of total body weight in adults.(iv) The amount of water required by the body is that which is necessary to balance the insensible losses. This can vary markedly, depending, for example on climatic conditions. Other factors determining water loss include the amount of water required by the kidneys to excrete waste products (the solute load). This may vary with dietary composition and other factors. In view of these limitations, in 1989, the National Research Council (US) noted that the estimation of water requirement was complex and highly variable and concluded that it was impossible to set a general water requirement. Nevertheless, for practical purposes they recommended that the water requirement for adults could be estimated as "1ml per kcal energy expenditure for adults living under average conditions of energy expenditure and environmental exposure" - thus a person eating 2900kcal would require 2900ml of water.(v)

In 2002, Valtin (v) carried out an extensive review into the origins of advice regarding daily water requirements. He noted that an earlier, similar, recommendation from the US National Research Council may have been the source of the frequently exhorted advice to "drink at least eight glasses of water a day". In 1945, the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council had advised: "A suitable allowance of water for adults is 2.5 liters daily in most instances. An ordinary standard for diverse persons is 1 milliliter for each calorie of food. Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods." Valtin proposed that the last sentence may not have been heeded, and the recommendation was therefore erroneously interpreted as eight glasses of water to be drunk each day. (1 glass/cup - approx. 8 ounces = 240ml; therefore 8 glasses = approx. 1920ml). It is interesting to note that the advice from the National Research Council in 1989 did not comment on the source of the 1ml/kcal water required. This may have perpetuated the misconception that all of this water requirement must be in the form of drink.(v) Whereas, in accordance with the table above, if an adult gains in the region of 1 litre of their 2500 ml water requirement from food and metabolic water contributes a further 250ml, this leaves only 1250ml to be consumed in the form of drink.

In spite of this, some authorities(vi,vii) still advise that we should drink "six to eight glasses" or "2500-3000ml" of water per day. However, this guidance may have been influenced by the additional recommendation made by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council in 1989, that as "there is so seldom a risk of water intoxication … the specified requirement for water is often increased to 1.5ml/kcal to cover variations in activity level, sweating, and solute load."(v)

In 2004 the National Academies, Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board issued revised recommendations on the Dietary Reference Intakes for Electrolytes and Water.(viii) The Panel on Dietary Reference Intakes undertook an extensive review of the literature in addition to conducting surveys as part of their review of this subject. They commented that “although a low intake of total water (which includes a combination of drinking water, water in beverages, and water that is part of food) has been associated with some chronic diseases, the evidence is insufficient to establish water intake recommendations as a means to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Instead, an Adequate Intake for total water is set to prevent deleterious, primarily acute, effects of dehydration, which include metabolic and functional abnormalities.” Based upon their review of water balance studies for inactive adults in temperate climates, the panel recommended that the minimal water requirement should be approximately 1 to 3.1 litres per day to replace respiratory, urinary, faecal and insensible fluid losses. Since individual water requirements can vary greatly, even on a day-to-day basis, because of differences in physical activity, climate and diet, they recommended the following Adequate Intake for water:
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EGGS [19 Mar 2005|04:05am]
leave me alone about eggs
they're great

If it's more reading than you want to do, some points:
1. dietary cholesterol (from food) is not that connected with blood cholesterol, therefore eggs don't make your cholesterol levels high (at least not permanently, or much/significantly, if temporarily -> from past reading)
2. increase (though possibly not significant) in blood cholesterol is in both LDL and HDL, the ratio remains mostly the same (this is important as the HDL carries away the LDL, or something like that...)
3. eggs are really fucking good for you! (especially if you're pregnant?)
4. eggs were demonized in the media (and by the american heart association, which obviously has some weight), and people ate less eggs

um. yeah.


*edit* see http://www.livejournal.com/users/annihsia/57520.html
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avocados [19 Mar 2005|01:16am]
Ok, so I reall like avocados, I guess. I've taken to eating them a half at a time, basically. (I just told Bill this so it feels kind of weird writing it, but anyway) I will occassionally eat an entire avocado a day. I just realized I'm not so likely to eat two (or 1.5) in a day.

I don't do this close to everyday, so I don't consider it excessive (like my ability to eat eggs, which I don't consider excessive either, but some people do).

But I'm just curious how much avocado is too much. I mean... balance is important, sure, but I thought I'd find something on google. Instead, I got lots of pages about how you should try eating avocado and nuts if you don't eat meat, or you can eat these foods for good fats, etc.

I also saw:
Researchers at Sheffield University in the UK have found that volunteers given a diet providing less than 25 percent energy from fat registered significantly higher anger/hostility ratings than those subjects who ate a similar-tasting diet that was higher in fat.

I think anything that mentions anger and/or hostility makes me very happy, which is why I've put it here.

But anyway, I didn't spend a lot of time looking for what I'm really looking for because there are a lot of pages of results to look through and I don't actually eat that much avocado.

Also, I tried and I can only tolerate pop music and Britney Spears in small doses, apparently. Really, I just like MTV. You know, the one or two songs per album that partially motivated iTunes. I think it's Usher who always has, like, five current songs on MTV at a time. It's pretty special if you think about it.
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Kill Bill Volume 2 [22 Dec 2004|08:38pm]
Let me put it this way...

The title of the movies is Kill Bill. She's going to kill Bill. It's sort of the goal. Quentin Tarantino probably did not accidentally make the killing of Bill mediocre or not as [fill in the blank] as the first one, or as expected. I'm guessing there were reasons Kill Bill 2 is the way it is. Different from Kill Bill 1, I mean, in the ways that it is different.

Don't get me wrong, it's entirely possible he did fuck the whole second part up. People fuck up all the time, right? But let's assume he didn't completely fuck up. Well, it's sort of like any piece of art. It's good, bad, or anything else at every individual's discretion. And if an artist has a point but it's not clear enough to understand, then that's the communicator's fault, pretty much. Not that I'm saying Tarantino had a point. I just switched my train of thought very abruptly.
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[08 Sep 2004|11:33pm]
who is julaez, again? i'm sorry... julaez said to me,
"hi anni"
but i do not know who julaez is.
i'm pretty much certain i *should* know who it is.
i'm sorry.
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man... [03 Sep 2004|01:42am]
i just found an assload of pictures i never uploaded... and just the thought of having to filter really really boring or bad or embarassing ones (in order to share any) makes me lazy enough to do my homework...

but i'll just upload and show you select pictures, i guess. the highlights. assuming it's not too much trouble to figure out what i did and did not already upload. (the fact that i've started uploading pictures to three different places doesn't help)

Well, since I'm writing as I think, I am going to write here that rather than giving anyone the highlights, I'm just uploading a bunch of stuff. It's kind of slow, though. So I'll just show you what I've got so far, some of it. And then later I *might* do a highlight. But probably not.

I think I should just use my ITG space. They don't seem to delete people ever. But... that has to change eventually.

OKAY, fuck it. I even had an lj-cut all prepared, but I'd just rather do this all right.

There's this series of fairly boring pictures. I do, however, want to upload and share them all together BECAUSE they are all of a squirrel eating fries out of a garbage can. It was cute I tell you! These pictures just do better with some commentary, but really, it's work, even if it isn't that much.

My point is that I will eventually have more pictures to show you. But in the mean time, if you'd like, the *new* stuff that's actually going up can be found HERE. I'm definately still working on up. But hopefully I'll stop in the next hour.
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school has begun, as evidenced by this post [01 Sep 2004|02:33am]
I'm not as much of a slob as I thought I was.

I own a lot of stuff, no doubt. And not everything is always put away. But the reason my things sometimes - often remain scattered about for so long is because I'm waiting to put them away properly. It is so, so important to me that things go in their correct places. I plan my spaces out with a fair amount of effort and when people fuck it up, boy do I get pissed off.

I sometimes (or often) demand that people keep their filthy ass selves out of my room or bed. Now I just plan and make my bed anticipating dirty ass people.

Currently, my bed has less padding layers than usual. Just a standard mattress pad/cover, and sheets. The full sized bed is quite firm, though, so all is well. There is my prized down comforter (not the first one, but the third one, ha) folded up carefully at the foot, and on top of it in various positions are three blankets.

Please note that the comforter is carefully wrapped in the flat sheet so as to protect it from general soiling as well as from rubbing against the wall which was not painted since the last tenant.

The places on the bed where Ben sleeps and sits, and where people who insist on entering my room sit are all covered in 2 - 5 layers of bedding (on top of the down comforter). I believe that the way everything is folded and placed is not easily shifted and unrooted.

When people touch, and move my belongings within spaces designated as mine, I get edgy, and I put them back first chance I get.
I do not like boys bringing their shoes into my space.
I do not like boys potentially dropping crumbs of anything into or onto any of my belongings.
I do not like boys trailing anything around into my spaces.

I do not like boys.
I have been in very few boy bathrooms that do not smell like urine.
I don't mean that all boys are bad, and that all girls are good. Girls, at least my girls, are just so much more careful with themselves. But I like very few girls. And I still hang out with boys. So I will deal, of course.
If I got more girls or boys, I would basically have to deal with more people in general. And I guess that would be a pretty big problem considering my sweeping hatred of the world.

My point is, when you come into my spaces, make sure your feet and ass are clean. You can plop on the bed unless you're filthy, but for the love of everything that is good, don't touch anything!!! And leave your food outside.

Also, please walk softly. I hate that thumping people make when they walk. Boys do it much more than girls do. I fucking hate that. That's why I like living on the top floor. There is, really, no reason most people can't walk softly. Seriously. Just pay a little attention to it sometime(s).
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a couple of things [01 Sep 2004|02:06am]
[ mood | indulgent ]

people think me paranoid about silly things often. they pass as paranoia when my concerns are, for lack of a better term, only suspicions.
[it seems to me like] there's, in reality, fairly little proof out there of anything at all.

but seriously, i think you can leave me the fuck alone. by that i mean shut the fuck up. i can stay away from certain things if i want to, and i can demand that you keep them away from me if i want to.
your incredulous looks combined with sarcastic remarks and eyes rolling in annoyance can kiss my ass.

they didn't know nuclear radiation was a problem, for fuck sake.

pesticides weren't *known* to be a problem either, but you know, it was a problem before it was declared/announced as a problem.

(not to say i'm really going to avoid getting cancer. i just don't need you making my cancer more likely to happen.)

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most recently [12 Aug 2004|06:47pm]
I am on a major eBay bidding frenzy (again). This time it's for slipcovers (for sofas and chairs) and dishes (I was aiming for just dishes, like, plates and bowls, but then I realized how extremely lacking in cups/mugs/glasses I am, so now it's that plus Pyrex Vision Ware cooking stuff -- they ROCK!!!). I just won some major bedding (the millionth comforter I don't need, pillow coverings are always important, high thread count duvets have been a goal for a long time), so until I decide if I want to have a single/twin size bed or double/full size bed, I am not looking at those any longer. Once I decide I can figure out if I need new sheets (for the double/full) or a matress pad (important for these mass produced and used campus apartments).

Speaking of cups/mugs/glasses, during this last year I bought 3 sets of 6 small plastic cups/tumblers (pink, purplish blue, and blue) (or was it sets of 4?). (Each set cost $1.00). I currently am in possession of only 4 cups total. There are a couple pink ones, and a blue and a purple, I think. I do not understand where the rest went. I also purchsed a set of 4 crystal wine glass type things. I only have 1 right now. Only one of them broke, so where are the other two? (Ben probably knows).

Anyway, the bedding is easy to find new, but the dishware and cookware is harder. Nonetheless, I will find great deals. GO ANNI. I adore the cranberry colored pyrex dishes... so I'm really loving things like this. I'm aiming for pots and pans with no teflon, though.
Oh, and these dishes are awesome! I think so, anyway... There's more in my head to say about this, but I will spare those of you who are actually readin this.

All that said,
the other recent events are:
• Took a trip to Maryland and then New York. We left on the 5th (Thursday) and returned on the 9th (Monday). Our lease ended on the 8th (Sunday), so we moved out before we left.
It was a mess. I feel terribly for Jiayi (commonly known as the 5th roommate) because not only did he stay up all night to help me move my ridiculous amount of shit home (see eBay), after we left, he was stuck with throwing an assload of stuff away. Emily and Brian (the other two roommates) also left on the 5th (Emily returned on the 8th to work on the 9th) for Pennsylvania (to Carnegie-Mellon [sp?] where, coincidentally, my cousin has also chosen to attend school, although Brian is PhD in CS). Ben and I (or maybe just I) will be giving portions of our deposit to him.
• See pictures of the trip: MY pictures (meaning from my camera) | SEANEMMY pictures (taken by both Sean and Emmy on Emmy's camera)
• So, about the mess at the apartment,
We went to go look at the place a couple nights ago. This is what we saw in the parking lot: I'll just link you. We spotted things from our apartment. It rocked.

I apologize that my pictures are not in a pretty little album format. I guess I could either ask Sean for his code, (I think Gavin wrote some code too), or I could write my own, but fuck that. I will put it in fotki later on and link it again so that it will be significantly easier to look at. In the mean time, look at them anyway.

• Last Wednesday I got my second salon haircut in my life. I took some pictures myself, but I'm too pressed for time and lazy to get them off the camera. In the meantime, THESE pictures from the SEANEMMY collection of the trip show the hair pretty well. They're probably better than anything I would take myself (makes sense).

oh my god i have to go

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hair cutting etiquette [14 Jun 2004|12:54am]
Please tell me what you do at during typical visit to the hairstylist.

Mainly I'm interested in how you tip. Like, the technical details (line on the credit card receipt, cash).


A few of you have been kind enough to answer my questions on AIM. But I'd really like to hear from anyone else willing to share! Please! Yay!
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last names [25 Mar 2004|02:41pm]
plural, here posted how he feels about the whole women taking their husbands' last names at marriage thing. And then a whole bunch of people commented (and still are commenting probably). Instead of commenting there, I'm going to think in writing here. And I'm going to make a poll, and request comments from you.

Seeing as, again, I'm looking for responses, this'll be in... this journal, estrie.

I have yet to encounter a last name that would go better with my first name and me than what I already have. This is probably majorly a result of the fact that I spent 20 years correcting people on how to say it. Starting a year ago in college is when people I started meeting knew how to say it, and what's cool is an election judge knew how to say it a couple weeks ago too!

Plenty of people still look at me like I'm lying or like I don't know what I'm talking about when I tell them either how to spell my name or how my name is pronounced. Which is why I'm convinced I have to somehow remain in highly diverse and educated environments even though I hate studying. I will find a way.

Anyway, like I said, I'm attached to my name... If I marry Ben, Miller is boring as hell (no offense, lover!). But Anni Miller? I dunno... Of all the people I can think of right now, there are some awesome name combinations as well as some not as cool combinations (not currently existing couples, just combinations of everyone I can think of).

My rambling about cool name combinations almost trivializes the original issue which had something to do with respect, tradition, feminism... A couple of the comments were interesting. Women's taking husbands' last names used to signify transfer of ownership, that is a point, and it's also a point that demanding to keep your maiden name as a way to show your husband doesn't own you is almost... well, it's a small battle. I'm not going to try to get into that.

I just realized somewhere along the way that I don't really have to take anyone's name and if whatever name does not really suit me, I'm not taking it... I guess I ignore that thing about respect as well as tradition. But I also ignore that thing about feminism. Though one could argue that simply the way I'm thinking about it is moving forward...

Anyway, I guess I'm not doing a poll because I don't want to make the answers. Just comment... what are you doing? What do you want? What do you think?
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[07 Mar 2004|06:09pm]
I remembered, too (from bad experiences, actually), that leather molds really well, I think (canvas does too), and I need that.

I need it because of my wide feet. And because of my calves.
But I don't actually hate my feet. It's just a bother.
I think my feet are thick too. And fat.

Shoes just don't fit really well until they stretch out in the right places, molded.

And the curve of my heel and achilles arch (?) is shoe specific. I think that's a more universal issue.
Well, shoe fitting is a universal issue, certainly. But I really have really wide feet.

I look at my feet a lot, of course. Other people's feet look funny to me. Though Emily's don't. But they're not bony. I like Emily's feet.
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[03 Mar 2004|05:28pm]
Really, honestly, I don't get it.

I'm trying, I really am.

Can you help me?
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Please help me decide [02 Feb 2004|10:49pm]
These boots
These boots.

Or both.

I'm quite open to both.

Or neither.

I find these adorable, but haven't seen them in my size. Actually... the boots that spured this interest in new boots were these Rocket Dog biker boots and oh my lordy they are CUTE. Oh, I have some cowboy boots now :D. I need to figure them out, though.

I actually buy a lot of leather, and neither of those two I'm considering are leather. Honestly I don't know how non-leather (or non-canvas) reacts to wear over time, so I don't know what kind of investment I'd be making.

I have large calves and wide feet. I do not like my calves. I hate my calves. This is day 1. Calves.
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Posted here for wider access [31 Jan 2004|01:08am]
Poll #241596 e-mailed comments?

Do you have comments in LiveJournal e-mailed to you? (Comments for the LJ account you chose to interact with my LJ account s)

don't wanna say, but i want to answer the poll!
yes, but not to an e-mail i check so regularly
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[16 Oct 2003|04:05am]
i'm totally frying/making bacon downstairs right now at 4 o'clock in the morning. i have class at 10, i have a little assignment due. i am procrastinating.

bacon... strips of fat and all!

*edit* what do you do with all the grease that's left...?
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[15 Oct 2003|11:48pm]
just a couple picturesCollapse )
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[15 Oct 2003|05:13pm]
  1. I'm currently very pleased with the way a couple skirts I put up for auction on eBay sold almost immediately. It's really amazing. Really.
  2. I got my license renewed. I went to class late and just sat outside of the room because I didn't have the balls to walk in late yet again, so I sat there looking through my wallet. My license had expired on the 9th. My computer recognizes neither my camera nor my scanner, no visuals yet.
  3. The mattresses in most campus apartments are cheap and turn very soft or lumpy very quickly. I try to offset this by sitting on the ends of the bed constantly, so maybe the entire mattress will sink in, instead of just the middle, so it's even. Anyway, the middle has started to sag and I know my back isn't as bad as it could be, but back pain just isn't cool. I've found that sleeping with a large pile of clothes under me on the bed is very nice! There is now a good reason to be messy and leave clothes on the bed.

Now I'm going to talk about my bed.Collapse )

Poor Cubbies.
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